Have you ever wondered what Batwa children do to have fun in the remote southwest corner of Uganda? Like children all over the world, they are naturally curious about their surroundings. They love being around other kids at school, learning, and playing outdoors.


1. Play Soccer













2. Hide-n-Seek

Screenshot (226)













3. Hang out with friends

Screenshot (227)













4. Give piggy-back rides

Screenshot (228)






















5. Laugh at funny jokes

Screenshot (229)















6. Learn about the forest

Screenshot (230)














7. Blow bubbles

Screenshot (231)















8. Go for long walks with friends

_DSC4774 copy




























9. Sing

Screenshot (232) 














10. Dance!

Batwa Dancing


















Part of our job at the KF is to make sure they have access to education, are offered nutritious meals and have access to good healthcare…the play part is up to them!

Please help us give the Batwa children “hope and health in Uganda!

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