Are you interested in blessing Bwindi with your service?

We welcome volunteers who can support the specific needs of our programs. Read through our opportunities to see if something matches your skill set. Find something that might fit? Fill out our Contact Us form to let us know.

Medical Volunteers

Medical professionals are welcome to apply to serve at Bwindi Community Hospital. Medical rotations require volunteers who hold a current medical license or are in the clinical phase of their medical education.

Step 1: Apply here. Applications may take up to a month to process through the Uganda office.

Step 2: Upon acceptance from BCH, contact to complete the screening process and make reservations for your accommodations.

Community Development Volunteers

Teach your skill


The Batwa Development Program welcomes volunteers or groups who can prepare and present culturally appropriate training in these specific areas:

  • Primary and secondary education
  • Adult literacy
  • Agronomy and animal husbandry (especially rabbits and pigs)
  • Locally marketable crafts and goods
  • Job skills such as woodworking and mechanics
  • Christian organizational leadership
  • Basic finances and budget strategies appropriate for the developing world
  • First aid
  • Public health topics, such as infant care, preventing malnutrition, household sanitation to prevent illness, preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, alcohol and drug abuse prevention


Other community development volunteer needs


  • Education specialist
  • Professional photographer and videographer
  • General contractor
  • Solar specialist
  • Engineer (especially for clean water)
  • Nursing Instructor


Build a Batwa home


Many Batwa families are still living in temporary shelters. You or your group can fund a sturdy metal-roofed Batwa home, complete with a pit latrine and kitchen, for $1,400. When you visit, you can help the local community members build it. Contact us for more information.