A drought in Uganda, affecting over 45,000 people in the region around Bwindi, killed crops planted for food and left many people famished, and the meager food supplies sent by the government were not enough to sustain them until new crops could grow. The area simply did not have enough rain to grow crops, and the people were left with nothing to eat except grass. After hearing the news, the Kellermann Foundation immediately provided emergency funds to help the people.

The Kebiremu Batwa settlement was among the areas hit hardest by famine. The people prayed to God for help, and God answered their prayer through the support of the Kellermann Foundation. The Batwa Development Program and the Diocese of Kinkiizi worked together to purchase and distribute food and seeds to plant new crops. Each Mutwa home in all eleven Batwa settlements received posho and beans.

Thank you to the Bishop of Kinkiizi Dan Zoreka and Diocesan Secretary Bernard Bagaba who located the supplier for posho and beans and organized the distribution. BDP Coordinator Kenneth Turyamubona, who documented the famine relief effort, reports that the Batwa were overjoyed to see food arrive and immediately began to cook the food and make plans to plant the new crops.
We are thankful to have the resources to answer the need. Thank you, faithful donors, for your prayers and support!


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