Dr. Lillian Niwagaba, Asst. Professor and Director of Global Health and New York Institute of Technology spoke at the Kellermann Foundation Board Retreat about the latest developments in global health. Lillian’s goal is to achieve health equity for all people worldwide. The Kellermann Foundation continues to play an important role in achieving global health equity, both through its faculty and volunteers. In 2016 Bwindi Community Hospital met all seventeen of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

U.S. medical educators show a growing interest in global health, with increased opportunities to fulfill electives and post-residency positions abroad. As a result, volunteer programs are constantly working to meet the growing need. Medical students want placements that can provide supervision, safety, ethical and cultural competencies. Students and medical schools alike want robust educational opportunities abroad. The Kellermann Foundation recognizes the growth as a wonderful opportunity to help both medical students and the Batwa. When asked the Batwa, Dr. Niwagaba commented that although the Batwa have been marginalized, they want the same things as everyone else: education, good family life, shelter and health.

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