Providing hope and health in Uganda

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Donate & Volunteer

Donate to The Kellermann Foundation

The Kellermann Foundation
is a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.
Here are ways your generosity can help:

$25 ‐ provides 3 mosquito nets for families

$50 ‐ purchases garden tools and seeds for a family

$100 ‐ sends a child to a local primary school for a year
*learn more

$115 ‐ provides for a safe childbirth at Bwindi Hospital
*learn more

$225 ‐ provides complete nutrition to a malnourished child for a month

$600 ‐ pays a nurse’s salary for three months

$750 ‐ sends a child to primary boarding school for a year
*learn more

$950 ‐ builds a Batwa home
*learn more

$1,400 ‐ sends a child to secondary boarding school for a year
*learn more

Donor note: For designated gifts, 10% of your donation will be used for administrative costs that allow us to support our partner programs. A full 90% will go directly to the designated program.

Share your generosity!

Donate in the name of someone else and we will send them a beautiful thank you card.

Volunteer with the Kellermann Foundation

Interested in volunteering with us?

Contact us at to learn how your time and talents can support our work. Whether you have a few hours or a few months, we can use your help!

Volunteers who plan to travel to Bwindi will coordinate their visits through our US office.

For requirements and more information, contact us at

You can access our travel information by clicking on these links:

Photo of group of volunteer home builders
Batwa and Texas volunteers at the home they’ve just completed

You can:

For more information or to offer your suggestions

Email info at The Kellerman Foundation

Photo of Dave a volunteer and a Batwa woman next to her hut
Photo of Batwa mother with baby

Donate to support The Kellermann Foundation’s work in the following ways:

Whenever possible, please make your gift to our General Fund. These unrestricted donations give our organization the most flexibility to use contributions for the greatest need. However, designated gifts are also welcome and appreciated. Just let us know which program you would like to support.

Photo of Volunteers meet with Batwa artists and BDP staff at the Batwa Craft Banda
Volunteers meet with Batwa artists and BDP staff at the Batwa Craft Banda

Volunteer Stories

Have you volunteered with us in the past?
Send us your story and a photograph and we
may include it on our website.

Ugandan Photo Documentary
by Phyllis Atha

Faces of Uganda
A photo journal by Andy Wright

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Video by Alex Wolf

Map of Uganda