2elementarySponsor a student – change a life.

This is the first generation of Batwa children to have the opportunity for a formal education. Your sponsorship unlocks the door to life beyond extreme poverty.

The Batwa Student Sponsorship Program provides support to Batwa pygmy pupils attending Bishops’ Primary School, one of the best primary boarding schools in Kanungu District. In Uganda, education is not free. School fees are far beyond the means of most Batwa families, who live on an average of less than $1 a day.



How does the sponsorship work?

A sponsorship costs $750 annually. This tax-deductible donation covers all of a student’s basic needs: tuition, fees, food, clothing, supplies, and transportation.

Fees are pooled to provide assistance for all the Batwa children at Bishops’ Primary School. Sponsorships auto-renew annually so a child has the stability of remaining in school without interruption. Your sponsorship may be cancelled at any time by contacting us in writing.


Who can sponsor?

Anyone! This includes (but is not limited to) individuals, school groups, families, churches, and community groups.

What makes students eligible for sponsorship and how are they chosen for sponsorship?

Elders within their respective Batwa settlements pick students who are most likely to succeed. Batwa society is very family- and community-oriented, and students are expected to give back to their community once they have completed their studies.

How does the child benefit from the money I provide?

Ninety percent of your donation goes directly to the students’ educational costs (such as room, board, transportation, exam fees, meals, uniforms, pencils, paper, shoes, and supplies) and ten percent is allocated for Kellermann Foundation administrative costs (such as international correspondence, bookkeeping, auditing, and funds transfer fees).

May I correspond with my sponsored child?

Sponsors are strongly encouraged to communicate with their students via email and letters. Students will send letters back to their sponsors 2-3 times per year. The Kellermann Foundation will help facilitate this process.

Does the donation really get to the student?

Yes, the donation will go directly to the students’ education. The Kellermann Foundation has worked in partnership with the Batwa community since 2001. All Education Sponsorship donations are pooled to supply aid to all the Batwa students at Bishops’ Primary Boarding School. This allows children who do not yet have sponsors to receive assistance as well.

How do I start sponsoring a child?

Sign and send us a copy of this Sponsorship Agreement.  Then, click here to donate!